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Home Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients nicorandil
Product Name : Nicorandil BP/EP/USP
Chemical Name : 2-[(pyridin-3-ylcarbonyl)amino]ethyl nitrate
CAS Number : 65141-46-0
Chemical Formula : C8H9N3O4
Molecular Mass : 211.18 g/mol
Therapeutic Category : Anti-anginal

Test Specification
Description White/off white crystalline powder, odorless/almost odorless

A. By U V

B. By Color Reaction

C. By I.R.

Solubility Freely soluble in Methanol, Ethanol, Acetic acid
Loss On Drying Limit: Not More Than 0.1 %
Assay on dried basis by HPLC Limit: Between 98.5 % To 101% (on dry base)
Water Content by KF Limit: Not More Than 1.0 %
Related Substances by HPLC Limit: Not More Than 0.5 %
Melting Range Limit: Between 91°C to 93°C
Residue On Ignition Limit: Not More Than 0.1 %
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